S&N Rubber Components


S&N Rubber manufactures custom silicone products, specializing in quality silicone components for the OEM and replacement parts markets, as well as electronics, healthcare, construction, transportation, marine, food processing, appliance, power generation and mining applications.

With our expertise, knowledge of applications and ability to manufacture durable, high-performance, injection moulded parts using silicone, we can assist with material selection to determine if silicone is the best material for the application.

Silicone rubber is an elastomer that is composed of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It exhibits good resistance to extreme temperatures, working well in extreme temperatures ranges. It is stable, non-reactive, and exhibits good tear strength and compression set. Silicone is available in a variety of grades that provide specialized properties, such as steam resistance, high tear strength, extremely high or low temperatures, corrosion resistance, and low smoke emissions.

Silicone Products

Silicone is used for applications where shape retention and mechanical strength are required in extreme or harsh operating conditions. Silicone is easy to shape and manufacture, and can be easily coloured. It is used for a wide range of products exposed to harsh operating and corrosive environments and weather. S&N Rubber provides custom compounds to meet industry and regulatory certifications and standards.

Some of the custom silicone products manufactured:

  • Spark Plug Boots
  • Tubing & cord
  • Gaskets & Seals
  • Door gaskets
  • Electrical enclosure seals and gaskets
  • Formed hose
  • Washers, including lathe cut washers
  • Miscellaneous Grommets