S&N Rubber Components


S&N Rubber offers turnkey solutions to all applicable customer requirements from mould manufacture in our in-house tool room to mass production on our 39 injection moulding presses.

Rubber is unique in that it is elastic and has excellent resilience properties. Rubber products can be deformed and will return to their original shape. The basic polymers and materials used in compounding have specific characteristics which make them useful for specific applications e.g. dimensional stability, high tensile strength, high tear-resistance properties, fuel or liquid resistance, weathering resistance, good friction surface, heat-resistance, food-grade. The choice of the compound is critical to ensuring that the rubber component is fit for purpose. Find the best compound solution for your process with assistance from our rubber experts.

Rubber Advantages

  • Durability
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Environmental resistance
  • Ability to pigment
  • Accepts bonding agents
  • Flexible