S&N Rubber Custom Compounding


S&N Rubber specializes in custom rubber compounding whereby formulations are developed and mixed in-house by our qualified staff. This enables complete management and control of the formulations, as well as allowing flexibility to ensure that products meet customer-specific requirements.

The formulations are based on a wide range of polymers, including EPDM, NR, NBR, SBR, BR, CR, IIR, BIIR and silicone.

Compounds are developed to meet the processing applications of the customer such as injection or compression moulding, extruding, calendering, autoclave cure systems, chemical cure systems and sponge products.

S&N Rubber produces quality continuous strip for specific customer applications such as use in injection moulding machines or extruders. All product is laboratory tested and certified prior to shipping. These laboratory results are emailed to the customer prior to product shipping for their ease of retrieval, analysis and storage. The strip dimensions are as per customer requirements.

S&N Rubber produces quality calendered rubber of various thicknesses and widths. Our maximum width is 1400mm and maximum gauge thickness being 12 mm. The calendered compound is rolled onto cardboard cores and the layers separated with embossed plastic. All product is laboratory tested and certified prior to shipping. Packaging and form is also as per customer requirements.